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Showcase Homes Inc.

Showcase Homes has been doing business with most local Banks and Credit Unions for years, also there are many national lenders that offer financing, including FHA and VA, you have many choices to choose from. Some offers construction financing, which offers a multi-purpose loan that offers financing for land, home, and property improvements with one monthly payment.

Land Listings:

Our Housing Consultants have a working relationship with Realtors in the area. With this relationship, the consultants are able to help you in finding land in the areas that you are looking for. That truly makes us your "One-Stop Shop" for all of your housing needs! All that you would need to do is tell us where you want and they will go the extra mile to help find that property in the location that you are wanting.

Site Improvements:

We can do it all! From footers to the roof , excavating, grading, foundations, driveways, porches & decks, siding, gutters, & downspouts, air-conditioning, heat pumps, well, septic, garages, ditches, and utility connections. We call this the “Turn Key Package” Your one stop shop!


Showcase Homes Inc.

Included in the price is delivery, set-up, and finish work which is completed by professional and experienced people that are licensed and insured. Here at Showcase Homes, we guarantee our installation and improvements in writing from the footers to the roof top.

Appraisals & Site Evaluation’s

We have an on board certified Manufacturing Housing Appraiser on Staff. We have experience people to meet you at your future site, and go over your plans with you and give you a firm quote of your total construction cost

Listing Services:

We have buyers and sellers for preowned homes. If you need to sell you existing house before purchasing the home of your dreams, Showcase Homes can help. You simply come in and see how easy it is to find a buyer for your present home and get a fair market price. What a better way to gain faith in your housing consultant other than letting them take care of selling you existing home for you. We can also help you locate a pre-owned home at a fair price. If you are looking for a preowned home we can help you with that also, you can talk to you about your trade in.


Showcase Homes Inc.

We offer a structural coverage warranty on the manufactured homes we offer,

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New Era Homes


Atlantic home of PA

If you should sell your home, the remainder of the coverage is fully transferable during the term of your warranty. The protection that a warranty offers may add marketability and extra value to your home.


We offer, Block, Poured, and per-cast Foundations.

To learn about precast foundation systems, please visit our supplier Superior Wall at their website, www.yourbasement.com

Parts & Supplies Store:

We now have a parts and accessories store called Mobile Home Parts.